Meet the Party

Lacy Karl
Founder and Life of THE PARTY

Lacy has a technical design background and a serious passion for entertaining. She began her career in the fashion industry but spent her free time dreaming up ideas for her next hosting opportunity. In 2013, she founded The Party New York and has been focused on creating unforgettable events for her clients ever since!

Melissa Krupski-Downs
Senior Event Planner

Melissa is known for her discerning eye and meticulous attention to detail, a fortuitous byproduct of her scientific background. It is in the event space, however, where these qualities combine with her creativity and love of design to bring her clients’ visions to life. From inception to execution, every event she produces is flawless.

Sharon Kwak
Associate Event Planner

Sharon worked for nine years in fashion and visual merchandising. While designing the windows for Macy’s in New York City, her passion for design and planning led her to the events world. She loves the process of bringing an event to life from start to finish. Her friends and family have given her the nickname “CLO” – Chief Logistics Officer — for the many events she puts on professionally and in her personal life.